Hello everyone, and welcome to the cool aunt project!

I’m CA, and I shall be your blogger. Nice to meet you all *nods at imaginary crowd*.

We are here because being a teenager… sucks, really. I know, I just was one. And looking back, I realize that most of what we are told about being a teenager is useless at best and total and complete shit at worst. So, I figured that there should be a place where people who recently were teenagers (the cool aunts) could tell you (the fabulous teenagers) about all the things we wish we had known. No judgment, no patronizing, no crap about how these are the “best years of your life”. The best years of your life are ahead of you, but first we’ve got to get you that far without any major breakdowns.

I will be doing much of the posting myself, but I have also enlisted the help of several guest bloggers to aid me in topics I feel less capable of dealing with (for example, issues relating to heterosexual sex will be handled by me, issues of homosexual sex will be passed on to more knowledgeable aunts).

Glad to be here, and welcome!


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